Saturday, May 28, 2016

short beach jam sessions

Ian hosts jam sessions at his beach house, and I attended, mainly playing bass the last couple of weeks (I haven't played bass in years). have a listen.

under where?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bike New Haven is now a motorcycle blog????

New Haven "Green"?

So has anyone else noticed the sickening lack of recycling availability in new haven? Other cities have two or three bins no matter where you are. whats going on should be criminal if not just totally and utterly immoral.unless you're downtown in a coffeeshop or on yale campus theres little to none, there arent even garbage cans on my block and unless its got a deposit i cant recycle anything in my building, the trash carting (John's) does not provide it nor does the Public Works/City. anyone wanna petition this, i'm not much for politics but if anyone i know can get this to someones attention stat! please do so.
-after posting this on face book i had many a suggestion. but the undrerlying issue at question is this: does the town ever intend to install recycling receptacles next to the trash cans on the corners? i may just go to public works and get a recycling bin which may or may not get stolen or overloaded in my neighborhood, but i cant keep throwing away recyclables and feel "ok" about it. also, why isnt there a law requiring trash carting companies to install two or three dumpsters at appartment buildings? i get that its up to the landlords but thats not good enough. we claim to be a green city. so why is there trash everywhere?
san franciscos plan. already in action.
portlands three bins for your home as seen in san fran and all of california, and oregon in general.
new york.
new haven has trash and single stream.
my understanding is half the stuff thrown in  just gets trashed, but thats what i heard. no compostables really and if you live in a building good luck!
other cities have strict laws on this, both for citizens and carting companies.

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